ESTJ Relationship Compatibility

What makes a relationship unique when there is an ESTJ involved is that the approach to it is very consistent. From the first time someone meets the ESTJ through to a long-term relationship, there will always be a heightened level of honesty and clear levels of communication. This honesty can sometimes be frank and unwelcome, but to the ESTJ, this is the best way to preserve a healthy relationship.

Because of this, when it comes to ESTJ relationship compatibility, ISTPs and INTPs tend to make the best matches. Here’s why.

1. ESTJs Don’t Always Communicate About Relationships.

Although the ESTJ can be brutally honest, they focus on behaviors and actions more than feelings. The personality types that need emotional validation can become hurt by the ESTJ ignoring this component of life. Because ISTPs and INTPs don’t usually require this validation, the focus of the relationship can be whatever it needs to be every day.

2. Appearances Are Important.

ESTJs define themselves by the relationships they’ve chosen to start. Because they see the relationship as a direct reflection of who they are, it is not uncommon for them to tell everyone how to behave, what attitudes to have, or even how someone should be dressed. ISTPs and INTPs are the least likely to be offended by this behavior because they see the need for validation instead.

3. The ESTJ Is An Expert Guardian.

ESTJs are going to stay loyal to the end. They are the first to protect those they love and this gives security to ISTPs and INTPs that is much needed. When the relationship is in harmony, each personality perfectly balances the other so that a full circle of yin and yang can be achieved.

4. Gratitude Is A Huge Priority.

ESTJs need more than hollow words that express gratitude to be satisfied. They need to see the real thing. Since ISTPs and INTPs don’t try to create a false impression of their feelings, the ESTJ knows that what they are being told is 100% the truth.

ESTJ relationship compatibility relies on open, honest lines of communication that are based on respect, love, and thanks. When that can be provided, then there will be a healthy relationship that everyone will be able to enjoy.

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