INFJ Facts and Statistics

The Myers-Briggs Personality Inventory was developed over 50 years ago by two psychologists, Isabel Myers and Katherine Briggs. The purpose of the inventory was to classify different personalities and describe them based on the theories of the legendary psychoanalyst Carl Jung. This tool was originally developed to help professional therapists understand their patients and to help patients understand themselves. When it was first published in 1975, there have been many advances in how it can be used in business, schools, and other practical applications.

4 Personality Trait Pairs

There are 4 different pairs of personality traits in the Myers-Briggs Inventory. Each of the capital letters in a person’s personality (for example, INFJ) stands for a dominant trait that they will have.

1. Introversion-Extroversion

An introvert (I) will need to be alone and will have the tendency to avoid social gatherings at all costs. They will either be their happiest alone or with their closest friends, whereas an extrovert (E) doesn’t feel comfortable being alone and will seek out new friends to enjoy their company.

2. Intuition-Sensing

When a person is intuitive (N) they will have the tendency to act on their gut, which is generally the right thing to do. They will be able to size up a situation and know if it’s risky or not. People who are sensing (S) won’t trust any impulsive ideas or movements. They like to have solid data available to them before they can make a decision. Essentially, intuitive people think sensing people are unimaginative and sensing people find intuitive people to be impulsive.

3. Thinking-Feeling

The type of person who is a thinker (T) will be cool and rational when they have to make a decision, in fact, they will not be likely to show any emotional reactions. When a person is feeling (F) they will be more likely to be influenced by their emotions.

4. Judging-Perceiving

Perceiving (P) individuals are less comfortable with closure and they won’t be as focused as a judging (J) personality. When a person is perceptive, they’ll be happy in any situation and will generally want to keep themselves busy with an array of projects but won’t be too high strung about the deadlines. A perceiving personality will take all of the factors into consideration before making a large purchase but may have a small amount of buyer’s remorse. Whereas a judging person will be happy that they finally decided and everything is taken care of.

Rare Personality Types

In comparison to all of the other personality types in the Myers-Briggs Inventory, the INFJ is the rarest personality of them all. In fact, they only make up approximately 3% of the world’s population. If you ever have the opportunity to meet an INFJ it will certainly be a rare occurrence.

What is an INFJ?

These personalities have the constant fear that they’re not living up to their true potential and they will make a mental note of all the things that they have left to accomplish. They’re affected by how others are suffering and they are relatively introverted. When it comes to heavy issues, they prefer to think about them in comparison to talking about them and if they’re fighting for a cause it will be for moral purposes instead of glory or personal satisfaction.

INFJs are incredibly gentle personalities but it is important to note that they will be able to stand their ground if ever confronted by another individual. In fact, many of the people with this personality type may find themselves working as a rescue worker.

They also have a great intuition that lets them know if there is trouble ahead and many other people will find them to either be paranoid or pessimistic. Since they have such a sharp intuition, they are generally more right than they are wrong, making them great problem-solvers.

There are times when an INFJ will become an extravert and express different opinions and emotions, not to mention have outstanding verbal skills. Generally they find themselves at a crossroad between offending someone and expressing their opinion. If they are ever under stress, they will be quite likely to concentrate on the stressor instead of their immediate environment.

INFJ in the General Population

As discussed, approximately 1-3% of the world’s population can classify themselves as an INFJ. According to studies, it is the rarest personality type in men and the third rarest personality type in women. It is responsible for 2% of women and 1% of men in the world.

Interesting INFJ Facts

People who can be classified as an INFJ will also exhibit the following traits:

  • Highest GPA in college.
  • High probability to finish college.
  • Most likely to be dissatisfied in their relationship.
  • Likely to have a career in the arts, teaching, religion, or counseling.
  • Can best be described as sympathetic, sincere, unassuming, submissive, easygoing, reserved, and patient.
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