INFP and INTJ Compatibility

INFPs and INTJs can come together and be like two peas in a Myers and Briggs pod. They can also work about as effectively as an apple trying to be an orange. These two personality types can connect and be in-sync, but they can also create a destructive cycle that affects everyone around them. The key to their compatibility is their intuition.

Why intuition? Because on the secondary levels of these two personality types, the INFP tends to have introverted feelings. The INTJ, on the other hand, tends to have an extroverted thinking pattern. These two features can be supportive since they are yin and yang to each other, creating a new whole. They can also be destructive and set the INFP to be at odds with the INTJ.

Emotional Warmth Creates Foreign Experiences

Often the mindset of these two personality types is what will either help the two to succeed or drive them toward a fast road of failure. INFPs tend to keep their feelings introverted because they’re afraid of getting hurt because of them. These feelings are sensitive, warm, and powerful, but are also the stuff that bullies love to get their hands on and exploit. Yet in private, the INFP is not afraid to explore their sensual desires in numerous ways.

To the INTJ, all of the focus that gets placed on “feelings” seems almost pointless. They don’t see feelings as being the stuff of fairy tales and chocolate cake. It is an illogical component of life that has a certain place and role, but shouldn’t dominate ever. INTJs see patterns everywhere they go and this allows them to understand what people are thinking about at any given time. Throw in some emotion to change those patterns and the INTJ sees someone who is inefficient.

This is a critical component of compatibility. Too much sensuality will cause the INTJ to want to dominate the compatibility matrix. Too little sensuality and the INFP will want to leave it.

Idealism Fuels Curiosity

Both the INFP and INTJ are naturally curious personality types. They’re always exploring, asking questions, and challenging the accepted norms of society. The goal is to create a better level of understanding over certain issues or to find a way to achieve higher levels of excellence. If the two can come together so they can explore together, then compatibility is just about assured for a lifetime. If not, then the two will eventually separate because their high standards for the other will be virtually impossible to meet.

Creativity also helps to fuel INFP and INTJ compatibility. Both personality types can be extremely creative when they wish to be and together they can create and explore their own fantasy worlds at-will if they so choose. Although there is a natural conflict between the thinking and feeling components of these two personality types that tends to keep both people fairly grounded, a day trip into something new, fun, and exciting is going to be on the schedule of things to do on a regular basis.

Harmony Comes From the Differences

The INFP tends to struggle just a bit with the judgmental part of the INTJ. Yet in the differences between thinking and judging, there is a certain level of harmony that is experienced which the INFP finds to be quite curious. Both personality types are good at building walls to protect some of their innermost thoughts, but both are also willing to build a gate within those walls so the other personality type has at least some limited access.

If there high amounts of stress in the relationship, however, the INFP and INTJ compatibility is going to suffer greatly. This can even manifest itself into the development of unhealthy habits, potential weight problems, and even a heavy reliance on the other personality type for meaning. This is particularly dangerous for the INFP as they may depend on the INTJ for their self-esteem, which is an action that the INTJ would find to be illogical.

There Really Is No Middle Ground Here Between These Two Personality Types.

INTJs and INFPs will either feel like they are perfect for each other and think of the other as one of their worst enemies. By combining strengths and helping to shore up the weaknesses of each other, this relationship has a great chance for success. It won’t happen magically, but with enough hard work on both sides of the aisle, magic can happen.

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