ISFJ Facts and Statistics

The Myers-Briggs type indicator assessment is based on the work of Carl Jung to determine which of 16 personalities a person may have. The ISFJ is one of those 16 personalities covering 14% of the general population with 19% of women being ISFJ and only 8% being men. This type of personality is introverted, sensing, feeling and judging meaning they are unassuming, traditional, devoted and persistent. There are many traits of an ISFJ of interest.

ISFJs don’t like to rock the boat. They are all for tradition, establishment and following rules. They want people to get along and care deeply about their relationships. They have a deep need to care for others and are most likely to become teachers, health care providers or hold spiritual occupations. The ISFJ is committed to fulfilling their duties, obligations and responsibilities therefore are methodical and dedicated employees.

An ISFJ employee enjoys working with detail and sticking to the rules and prefer clear established routines versus loose structure. The introverted portion of the ISFJ makes them low-key who avoid the lime-light or public recognition. They prefer to stay behind the scenes and get validation by fulfilling their duties. While on the outside they are quite shy the ISFJ is considered the glue to a work team.

Part of the INSFJs knack for detail lies in their outstanding memory for detail, names and faces that as observers they store in their heads for future reference. While introverted by nature they are great observers of what is happening around them and storing that information. They rely heavily on historical data and precedence to work efficiently to create a structural environment with a standard set of rules to follow.

Coloring outside the lines is not in the nature of the ISFJ. Being a free thinker or rule breaker is not a part of their make-up. They do not do well in jobs that require creativity and naturally excessive interaction with their inherent shyness.

Top careers for ISFJ include:

  • Physician
  • Nurse
  • Dentist
  • Veterinarian
  • Social worker

Jobs that ISFJs don’t do well at include:

  • Executive
  • Sales or marketing
  • Actor
  • Chemist
  • Copywriter

In relationships the ISFJ is the supporter. They love harmony and pleasing people. An ISFJ often tries to expect the needs of their partner in advance and often put others before themselves. In confrontational situations the ISFJ is more likely to withdraw then participate in the confrontation.

As parents the ISFJ is traditional with a firm hand and a lot of love. They work hard to instill morals and doing the right thing in their children. The ISFJ parent also tends to be overprotective and takes the failures of their children as personal fault of their own.

The ISFJ is not exactly a loner but they keep their circle of friends small. They are most likely to be friends with INFJs, ESFJs and ISTJs as they are the most similar while INTPs, INTJs ENTPs and ENTJs are the least likely to be friends of an ISFJ. An ISFJ as a friend is most loyal and dedicated who will provide emotional support while giving practical advice based on their own historical experiences. They are not exactly vengeful in action but never betray an ISFJ because they never forget. They hate to see injustice of anything and if they find something unfair or unjust they will step in to fix it, even it isn’t their problem.

When an ISFJ initially meets a person, they are more likely to be introverted and share very little information about themselves. As trust builds and the bond strengthens the ISFJ will become more loyal.

As being introverted is a major part of this personality type, these people have a hard time sharing their feelings and since they avoid confrontation at almost any cost, they withdraw when something is bothering them. This makes the ISJF appear moody and ISJF children are referred to as sulky.

While the ISFJ may be a sympathetic listener and an excellent friend who would drop everything to help, they are extremely hard on themselves. They hold themselves to much higher standards than other and their exacting attention to detail puts the ISFJ on the top of the list for the personality most likely to have a chronic illness.

The judging portion of this personality is shown in how the ISFJ classifies people as friend or foe. They often make moral judgments about others based on their own values. Since the ISFJ is a tidy person they may see someone’s messy home as a detractor. Meanwhile if their own home is messy, it is turned inward as a major failure.

The ISFJ is a deeply loyal person who puts family and friends ahead of themselves. They are dedicated workers with great attention to detail and do best in situations where they can help people but not be the center of attention. As partners and parents the ISFJ is loving but strict in staying within the lines of the box socially and emotionally. Initially shy the ISFJ can become a lifelong friend when a bond is established.

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