Neo Charismatic Leadership

Neo Charismatic Leadership is an approach that deals with change process and consequently follower’s transformation. A process that contains visionary and charismatic aspects that is especially understood as situated in subsequent pattern and characteristics of behavior of a leading person.

Neo charismatic churches were the Churches category which is found within the movement of Christian Renewal. This incorporates Neo charismatic, Pentecostal and Charismatic Churches. It was first identified during year 1970 which embraced practices and doctrines fount in Charismatic and Pentecostal Churches; nevertheless they did not definitely aligned with the movement. In year 1980′s, Peter Wagner invents the tenure Third Wave that describes the Churches of Neo Charismatic. Many of its group was influence by 1990′s Toronto blessing.

Like Charismatic’s and Pentecostals, Neo charismatic embrace the Holy Spirit gift that includes glossolalia or speaking in tongues, prophecy, healing and practices which includes Holy Spirit in filing and lasting on hands. Unlike the Pentecostal, this group does not insist or emphasize practice of the glossolalia and also unlike Charismatic’s; they were not aligned to the traditional Catholic and Protestant denominations. They typically respect with worship soaking and contemporary praise kind of blend. Neo charismatic has no form or structure of governmental style of the Church service.

Almost 19,000 of groups or denomination were identified as Neo charismatic. With 95 million approximate adherent individual. This are comprise with many non denominational, independent and post denominational congregation.

Leadership Style and Traits

Leadership is needed to be visionary; it should transform those people who see the vision and give them new strong will of meaning and purpose. This leadership can be divided into variety of approach. With regards to the “neo” syllable that this is advancing implicitly or explicitly to early concept of charisma of Max Weber, its charisma concepts is being applied to the private organization as addition to early application of the political and religious movement.

Neo charismatic leadership offers potential integration to the upper-echelon leadership, leader of the organization were considered at the top level, this focus on leader role in implementing and creating change and allow consideration role of vision and inspiration. The charismatic leadership requires self confidence which is high, strong conviction towards ideas, enthusiasm, and expressive, high energy, active image building and possess excellent communication.

Leadership challenges are: recognize potential for negative leadership for charismatic, acceptance is indicated from silence but complaining will not really work, primary is self preservation, guard the integrity, ask for a transfer and build a reputation for the competence.

It’s learning objectives it to identify component of the authentic leadership and its impact on the organizations and followers. Describes elements of spiritual leadership and value based, present element transformational leadership then their organizational impact, key role must be understand for contingent reward then exception of management impact. Distinguish from a transformational and transactional leadership, explain negative and positive impacts of the charismatic leadership and describe various followers, cultural, situational characteristics and leader that contributes leadership of charismatic. The characteristic of its followers are high degree esteem and respect for a leader, leader affection, unquestioning obedience, devotion and loyalty.

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