Zig Ziglar Sales Tips

Zig Ziglar has made a name for himself as a motivational speaker and a sales guru. To create that reputation, Ziglar had to come up with an innovative approach to motivation and sales. You can begin that process for yourself today as well and improve the way you sell starting immediately by taking advantage of these five fundamental sales tips that Zig Ziglar has developed.

5 Fundamental Sales Tips from Zig Ziglar

1. Sell based on emotion, not based reason.
People buy things because they have an emotional desire to have them. Purchasing a 70 inch LCD television doesn’t make a lot of sense for someone living in a small home, yet because they want it and this want creates an emotional desire, they’ll work hard to get it. Once you understand the emotions behind why people purchase the type of products you currently represent, you’ll be able to create an effective emotional appeal that never needs to rely on cold, hard logic to create a sale.

2. Be goal-orientated in everything you do.
If you don’t have an overarching goal in mind with every conversation you have with a prospect, then you’ll never maximize your sales ability. Each job you do every day should be toward some specific goal. Each specific goal should work toward some overarching long-term goal. Think of these short-term goals as the metrics that measure your future success. The more you meet, the better you’ll be.

3. Accept feedback for what it is.
Many salespeople fail and drop out of the industry altogether because they get tired of the criticism that is leveled at them. It can be hard to be in sales sometimes because 99 out of 100 prospects will not only tell you ā€œNo,ā€ but they’ll give you some harsh criticism that makes you feel about three inches tall! Take that criticism for what it is: feedback. You’ve been told what you did wrong for that type of prospect now. Make an adjustment and don’t repeat the mistake again!

4. Always go the extra mile.
It’s a concept as old as time itself: when you’re willing to put in a little extra work, your position is more likely to be considered. Why? Because by going the extra mile, you’re showing others the confidence you have in what you’re representing. Your prospects will become curious as to why you’re striving so hard for this thing you’ve got and want to talk to you about it to see if there is value in it for them! If they do see value, make sure you can prove that value ā€¦ which might mean going another extra mile!

5. Realize that your attitude is what sells.
Your prospect might think that what you represent is the greatest thing since sliced bread, but if you as a salesperson don’t feel like it’s a great product you’ve got, the prospect won’t either. Most sales are completed not because of the attitude of the prospect, but through the attitude of the salesperson.

Zig Ziglar revolutionized sales for tens of thousands of people over the years and these 5 tips can help you begin the process as well. Helping others, listening to what they have to say, and moving away from cold, hard logic can help you maximize your sales too! Why not begin today?